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1. Can our people be taught to install the framing and
complete a truck graphics change-out?

Yes - absolutely, The KWIK ZIP System was designed to allow companies the flexibility and control over their own graphic programs. We have dozens of large and small clients who make their own change-outs frequently including COSTCO. It’s so easy that we have one client who changes graphics 3 times per day on 12 trucks.

2. Our trailers are leased - Does the framing leave any permanent damage to the trailer? Is there a benefit here over truck decals?

The frames and truck graphics do not damage the vehicle in any way. When they’re removed we install a water proof rivet. One would never know a frame was ever installed AND the vehicle still looks completely new at removal time since the sides have been covered and protected. The huge benefit over truck decals it that there is no expensive removal cost and NO ghosting.

3. What type of fastener do you use?

It’s very specific to this industry. It’s water tight and used by many truck and trailers makers as a part of their body.

4. Does the frame stick out from the side of the trailer?

No, It fits within the bottom rail, back rail and top rails of the trailer sides.

5. Does it cost more to have more colorful graphics?

No, so we encourage you to have fun with your colors and design.

6. Do I need the KWIK ZIP tool?

No, unless you plan on completing your own truck graphics change-outs.

7. Can you install at my facility?

Yes, absolutely.

8. Can you install at the trailer factory?

Yes, we can install at most manufacturers and commonly do.

9. If I have an accident what happens?

Minor accidents will not damage the frames or truck graphics. If the vehicle is involved in a major accident in which the aluminum trailer side has been damaged, we simply remove the truck graphics, repair the trailer body damage, patch the graphic from behind as seen here and zip the graphic back on. The cost is less than $150 to repair.

10. Can you work with my Marketing Department or Ad Agency to help us with creative?

Yes, we offer everything. From crafting your message, concept design and photography, our creative & marketing team develops effective truck side advertising that sells.

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