KWIK ZIP Graphic System

Most Beautiful Fleet Graphics Available!

Change Graphics in Minutes

Half The Cost of Decals

Best Option for Short-Term Promotions

Long Term Life Branding

Change With Minimal Effort

No Downtime for Fleet


Taking Your Fleet Graphics to a Whole New Level Instantly

The KWIK ZIP gets your advertising message out there quickly and makes your vehicles look the best ever!

EPIC Worldwide has marked the fleets of dozens of Fortune 500 Companies, including Anheuser Busch, Dunkin Donuts, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Molson Coors, Walgreens, Subway, SHAW Industries, and Dean Foods.

KWIK ZIP Graphic System

Fleet Graphic Increase Sales

People actually see your ad messages on trucks and trailers. It’s advertising where nobody can turn the page or change the channel.

Time is Money, Eliminate Downtime

Graphics can be installed initially in an hour and graphic change-outs zipped off and on in minutes, quickly making an old trailer look brand new.

Easy and Inexpensive Graphic Change-outs

Change graphics at less than 1/2 the cost of decals. No expensive decal removal cost or paint and body work required – ever!

Retire Vehicles with Ease

Vehicles can be taken out of service in an hour, with much higher resale value since protected sides still look new.

KWIK ZIP is 100% Green

The KWIK ZIP can be reused and moved and it’s 100% recyclable.

Helping Our Clients Prosper in BIG Ways.

EPIC has been a great partner in supporting the growth of our program. Even with participation in the wrap program increasing by
over 300%, EPIC continues to provide a seamless process for both us and our supplier partners from start to finish each time.

VP Supplier Strategy and Business Development at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits- October 2019


Making Your Old Equipment Look New in Minutes

Introducing the KWIK ZIP

Made Perfectly and Beautifully
To Perform In The Toughest
Fleet Environment

We have been using the KWIK ZIP for over ten years., the frames and graphics not only look beautiful but are durable and have held up for over a decade in our brutal northeast environment.

 Peter Mastrodomenico, CTP
Fleet Manager
Cumberland Farms

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• Allows graphics to be zipped off and on in minutes.

•HUGE mechanical tensions
Rhino VinylTM to the tune of 300lbs per linear foot.

•Graphics are tight as a drum head and never
need to be retention. Next
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The KWIK ZIP Frame

Aircraft Grade Aluminum… Beautiful inside & out.

• Anodized and hardened to T6

• Light in weight, but heavy-duty to handle the
brutality of the trucking environment

• SMART Design allows for graphic installs and
change-outs in minutes.

• Fits inside trailer rails
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The Fasteners

Rivets are proven to be the best way to secure the frame…

• Safe and Secure

• Causes No Damage

• Water Tight

• Rivets makes removing the frame easy and fast.

After years of service, one would never know a KWIK ZIP Frame was ever installed as vehicles look like new.
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The KWIK ZIP Graphics

- 28 oz. Fleet Specific Rhino Vinyl™.

• Special underlying base cloth keeping the graphics from getting damaged.
• Ultra-smooth finish also keep the graphics clean.

- Graphics are coated with Armor Shield™ Top-Coat,

• Glossy and UV Protection and
• Graffiti cleaned off in minutes

- Graphics are vibrant and luxuriant in color, ensuring our clients get the best results and leave a lasting impression.

- KWIK ZIP graphics are great long term solution.

- KWIK ZIP Graphics performs much better than decal.
KWIK ZIPPER VIDEO KWIK ZIP FRAME The Fasteners The Graphics 5-6 Years

Simple Reasons So Many Use
The KWIK ZIP Instead Of Decals


Decals are expensive to purchase,
install, change-out and retire and can
cost tens of thousands more than the
KWIK ZIP for the life of the trailer.


With the KWIK ZIP, graphics can
be changed for less than 1/2 the
cost of decals.

Vehicle retirement is easy and

Resale value can be thousands
of dollars higher since the
protected trailer sides still look
like new.


Decals show every tented rivet, ding
and dent and cannot make an old
trailer look new… your message is
highly interrupted.


The KWIK ZIP hides “the stuff” you want to hide with a seamless, glossy, anti- graffiti image.


Installing decal is not easy, fast or
inexpensive and can take 6 to 10
hours per vehicle. Some report 2-3
weeks with paint, body work and
decal removal considerations.


The KWIK ZIP can be installed in approximately an hour – both sides complete.


Creating Success, Value, and More Opportunities For You and Your Team.

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