The KWIK ZIP meets your criteria for going Green. It is 100% recyclable.

The old technologically-challenged decal is not green. Decals cannot be reused or repurposed and requires toxic chemicals to remove.

KWIK ZIP makes your fleet totally green!

Here are many examples on how our clients have gone green with their own KWIK ZIP graphics.

The KWIK ZIP “GREEN” can easily be removed and reused.

While “yesterdays’ news is history”, the KWIK ZIP Graphics have remained a current daily presence on the San Diego Union Tribune Newspapers’ trucks and trailers. In 2006 these graphics were installed on their fleet of trailers, however in 2011 they traded in their fleet of trailers for box trucks.

Since the graphics still looked like new, 5 years later, they asked if we could cut and resize the old trailer graphics for reuse on their new smaller box trucks. That was many years ago, so the same graphics have been in service for over a decade and they still look beautiful… “now that’s a story fit for print!”

The KWIK ZIP System is designed to provide a long-term graphic solution.

Increase water-use efficiency by conserving water.

The KWIK ZIP also has a special coating that keep the graphics clean. Barnes and Noble stopped washing 100 KWIK ZIP trailers – not only going green, but also saving $390,000 per year for 3 years! Others have cut their washing cycles in half. Can you imagine the tremendous water and cost savings for thousands of trailers?